HRM619 Project Proposal on Measuring the job satisfaction

HRM619 Project Proposal on Measuring the job satisfaction

Introduction to Project

We know that today Job satisfaction is great challenge in public and private sectors. According to studies of HARZBERG and Snyderman that job satisfaction is multifaceted phenomenon.

According to research various factors are involved that influenced the job satisfaction in both sectors. Major factors are personal factors that are include sex, age, intelligence, education, The other factors that concern to  Job, that include “ the work, skill required, salary difference and security reasons.

Now question rise what is job satisfaction? According to Taylor Job satisfaction refers to the way one feels about the events, people and things in his or her working situation. My topic is also related to job satisfaction in public and private sectors in insurance companies.

My study aim to analysis and measure the study of job satisfaction in the public and private insurance companies workers.

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