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MBA Project Feasibility Report on following Topics Available

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MBA Finance Project Reports

  • Finance Project Report on Venture Capital Financing in Pakistan
  • Finance Project Report on Financial Management in Public Sector
  • Finance Project Report on Mutual Funds, Structure of Mutual Funds of State Bank
  • Finance Project Report on Anamoly Effect on Stock Market, NSE and BSE
  • Finance Project Report on Assets and Liability Management of Banks
  • Finance Project Report on Commodity Board Effects on Export
  • Project Report on FII Investment Role on Stock Market in Pakistan
  • Project Report on Liquidity and Profitability Analysis of Oil and Gas Industry
  • Finance Project Report Share Market / Stock Market Trading / Capital Market / Demat Account Process
  • Finance Project Report on Recovery & Risk Management / Stock Broking
  • Finance Project report on Treasury Loans and Disbursement in Power Finance Corporation Works
  • Finance Project on Retail Banking Services
  • Finance Project on Ratio Analysis : Meaning of Ratio
  • Comparative Analysis between the Marketing Strategies of Mobilink & Idea
  • Finance Project on Working Capital Management
  • Finance Project on Credit Schemes of SBI
  • Finance Project on banking services of Standard chartered bank
  • Finance Project on Cost of capital of Grasim Industries
  • Market research of Investor attitude towards primary market
  • Customer Satisfaction- A Comparative Study between private & Nationalized Banks
  • Finance Project on Different Retail Outlet Formats of Reliance Industries
  • Finance Project on Financial Analysis/Ratio Analysis of Grasim Industries

HR Project Reports MBA

  • HR Project Report on Decision Related to HRM, Job Opportunity and Career Development in HRM
  • HR Project Report on Workers Participation in Management
  • HR Project Report on Training & Development of Employees and Training Importance
  • HR Project Report on Work Life Balance of Employee
  • HR Project Report on Workman’s Performance Appraisal in HP Pakistan Sales Pvt. Ltd., Lahore
  • HR Project Report on Human Resource Development in state Life Insurance
  • HR Project Report on Recruitment & Selection Procedure of Pru. National bank.
  • HR Project Report on Customer Relationship Management “CRM Project Report”
  • HRM Project Report on HR Trends of Indian IT Industries
  • HR Project Report on Total Quality Management “TQM Project Report”
  • HR Project Report on “Performance Appraisal System”
  • HR Project Report on Job Satisfaction of employees
  • CRM Project Report – Customer Relationship Management
  • HR Project Report on Employees Training and Development of BSNL
  • HR Project Report on To Study the HR Implications in Private Banking Sector
  • HR Project Report on Quality Circle of Grasim Industries

 MBA Project Topics Marketing

  • Consumer perception regarding in-store environment: A comparative study of two mega stores A & B.
  • Consumer perception with respect to product purchase decision: A comparative study of brand A, brand B and brand C (from the same product line).
  • Consumer perception with respect to Perceived Quality and Brand Association: A comparative study of brand A & brand B.
  • Consumer perception with respect to Brand Awareness and Brand Loyalty: A comparative study of brand A & brand B.
  • Comparison of Brand loyalty and Customer satisfaction of Brand A & Brand B.
  • Comparison of Perceived quality and Store image of hyper markets.

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