Internship Report on The Bank of Punjab HRM

Internship Report on The Bank of Punjab (HRM) 2017

Deduction  My effort regarding internship report on the bank of Punjab is dedicated to my parents and my brothers from whom I learned the art of sacrifice & who is a continuing source of inspiration for me


This internship report on the bank of Punjab has been prepared after getting an internship in BOP branch Liaquat Road Sahiwal. The virtual university has given me a task to do it in any organization. So I have selected the bank of the Punjab for getting practical knowledge.

I have divided my reports into various portions. The main purpose of this report is to analyze the HR activities adopt by the BOP. The first portions of my report consist of History of Bop, its board of Directors and review of the committee. Further Readers will able to understand about BOP mission and Vision too.

In the next coming pages, Report is giving a whole picture of BOP business volume, its products lines, what are the main clients, and what are the whole competitors. In the 3rd portion, I have written BOP department’s information, its task, all department function.

So it will increase the awareness of the readers regarding BOP Departments activities. The other main and vital portion of my report are my tasks which have been assigned during the internship. In the report I have mentioned all departments I worked and got practical knowledge.  Here I want to mention these entire departments which I got training

1. Account Opening Department
2. Remittance Department
3. Clearing Department
4. Accounts Department
5. Credit Department

My Task during internship report on the bank of Punjab 

The main portion of my internship report on the bank of Punjab regarding BOP HRM activities will start after my training program. I have written the structure of HRM department, its recruiting process, selecting process, hiring process, training, and development, opportunities and benefits, labor management relation conduct by the BOP.

After this portion, you will be able to read about Critical analysis with my true observation. The report will also show you the SWOT analysis, where readers could able to understand BOP strength, weakness, opportunity, and threats. After that, I have also written the conclusion and necessary recommendation in light my finding.

My Duty was to Provide Information regarding Bank accounts

During a stay at this department, the head of this department has assigned me a task to provide information if new consumers visited the Bank. So I performed my duty according to manger guideline. My duty was to brief the consumers related to bank various accounts and its features, requirements if any consumers demand desire to know. My duty was to tell the bank strong point to the consumers and gave them promotion brochures regarding new schemes and service.

Fill the Account Opening Form

During a stay at this department, my duty was to fill the Account opening form, at the time of new account opening. So during my overall stay at this branch, I have filled this form daily. After completion of this form, my duty was to forwarded this form to the head of this department for Supervision

Internship report and Fill the Deposit Slip

I performed my duty during a stay at this branch to fill the Deposit slips when customers came to the bank for deposit. My duty was to guide him how to deposit the money and fill here or him deposit slips.

Collect the Bills

I have also perfumed my duty in bill collection, as per instruction by the managers; my duty was to collect and stamp the vouchers and sends it to the head of this department for signatures

Remittance Department and tasks

I have worked in this department only in one week. The head of this department gave me official activities relating to the branch, I have to check all the branch work, he also gives me an official computer for handling different work. During a stay at this Department, I have worked on the various tasks, which were assigned by the head of this department.

My Duty was to receive verified the incoming cheque 

I performed my duty to verify the cheque important requirements, my duty was to check cheque date, the title of account, stamp, signatures, after completion of verification my duty was to forward this cheque to head of this department for further supervision.

Forecasting HR requirements

A forecast of needs is an estimate of the number and type of employees
BOP will have future dates in order to achieve its objectives.

BOP HR Requirements and Forecasting

  1. Determine the organizational goals
  2. Scan the organizational environment
  3. Set strategic goals
  4. Formulate the strategic plan
  5. Course of action is designed

BOP External source

There are some needs of the employees that the company should cover outsourced.These include filling entry-level jobs, acquiring skills that have no current obtaining employees and employees with different backgrounds to bring new ideas. This source might be include

  1. Competitors
  2. Community colleges
  3. Colleges and Universities
  4. Self-employed workers
  5. Newspapers
  6. Broachers
  7. Contacts

Training need assessment

The objectives of the training activities have to be aware of employees BOP latest knowledge and professional skills in all areas of banking and to reinforce the passion for the highest quality of customer service at all levels.Following sources are also helpful for training and assessment HR department.

Following sources are also helpful for training and assessment HR department

  • New technology
  • Customer complaints
  • Interview with managers
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Employee complaint
  • Company records
  • Observation etc
  • Self assessments

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