Impact of stress on employee motivation at Anti-Narcotics Force

MGT619 Final Project on Impact of stress on employee motivation at Anti-Narcotics Force


The impact of Stress on employee performance is one of the major factors behind low employee efficiency and motivation. Current study is conducted to examine different stressors which negatively impact employee motivation. This study was conducted at Anti-Narcotics force a Federal Government bureau. The nature of this study is unique due to the selection of the organization. ANF was established to fight drug smuggling in and out of Pakistan in airports, inter-city logistics and seaports. Therefore it was important to study stress at the mentioned organization.

The impact of Stress on employee performance

Data was collected from ANF employees with help of structured questionnaires after analysis of collected data study has found that employees at ANF are facing high levels of stress and moderate motivation level as a result of stress. Data was displayed in tables, table 1.1 has mean values of stress factors or stressors like demands, change, role, relationship, role and change. The mean values for these stressors or factors indicated that employees are facing a lot of stress.

Similarly table 1.1 also holds mean values of factors of Motivation like work, content, work condition, personal and my leader, the mean values for the mentioned motivation factors show that employees at ANF were found to have moderate motivation levels. Table 1.2 holds correlation value of stress with motivation. The correlation analysis showed a very strong negative relationship between stress and motivation. As stress level increases, the motivation level will decrease.

Introduction to stress at Anti-Narcotics Forces

Stress is substantial as well as psychological response to things, feelings, places or people. This study belongs to two variables one of which is stress. “As a general term it applies to various mental and physiological pressures experienced by people feel in their lives”(Robbins, 2007). It is defined as a state of psychological and/or physiological imbalance resulting from the disparity between situational demand and the individual’s ability and / or motivation to meet those demands” (Selye, 2006).

Actually stress and employee motivation are interrelated, more stress causes less motivation thus low performance whereas less stress causes more motivation to the employees to produce desired results in any organization. Those which are affected by the stress are known as stressors. (Cregson). A manager must have the knowledge to handle stress of his employees.

  • Professional Competence

As there is a lot of competition among ANF employees for promotion, an incentive etc. which is a positive stress leads towards the efficiency of the employees.

  • Overburdened with work

Due to less manpower the personnel of anti narcotics force are always overburdened due to multiple tasking like ambushes, raids, guard duty etc. This is a negative stress leads towards less motivation.

  • Security threat personal & Family

As it’s a law enforcement agency, which encounters with criminal peoples which can cause harm to them and their families. This stress de-motivates the employees.

  • Less Pay Package

Since its beginning this was a problem and employees always crib regarding their less pay.

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