Impact of Authentic leadership on Psychological Capital of Followers; Mediating Role of Emotional Intelligence of Followers

Authentic leadership

Authentic Leadership, Psychological Capital, and Emotional Intelligence are three highly important variables in management science. The research scholars have tested their relationships in various fields, domains, cultures, and organizations. The relationship between Authentic Leadership and psychological capital in government departments and the mediating role of Emotional Intelligence in between two variables i.e. AL and PC has not been examined before.

The current research analysis the mediating role of Emotional Intelligence of followers in the relationship between Authentic Leadership and Psychological Capital of followers. The model has been tested in a public sector organization i.e. Sindh High Court. The finding of the current research shows that there are positive relationships among all the three variables i.e. Authentic Leadership, Psychological Capital and Emotional Intelligence of followers. It is also found that Emotional Intelligence of followers partially mediates the relationship between Authentic Leadership and Psychological Capital of followers.

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