I Passed HRM619 Final Project (HR) in the First Attempt-Thank you

This is Ms Nazish Naseer. I am a student of MBA in HRM619 final project from Virtual University. In last semester I had a great difficulty in HRM final project because I had no one to guide me. Then I contact Sir Mian Aamir. It has been a very good experience under the direction of Mian Aamir management. I have to say that I learnt a lot and made it possible to get through my entire HRM619 final project along with viva. So, I would recommend everyone who has difficulty in last semester would definitely need guidance from Qundeel.com. I must offer a lot of thanks to Sir Mian Aamir who helped me in entire of my project.

MS Nazish Naseer

About Mian

Qualification:- M.Phil ((Business Administration)
Research Experience:- Experiences include data collection in qualitative research and quantitative research, data analysis at SPSS and excel sheet,report writing and presentation of findings.

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