HRMI619-Internship Report

Dear Students,

All those students who have been declared “PASS” in the Written Work i.e. (HRMI619 Internship Report) are hereby informed that assignment # 06 (Presentation Slides) has been given on the course VULMS. The Presentation Slides are required to be prepared in the light of guidelines provided in Lesson # 06 on VULMS of the course. It is COMPULSORY only for the eligible students (who have passed the Written Work as a whole in Assignment # 05) to submit their Presentation Slides (PPTs) by uploading against relevant assignment before the Due Date i.e. March 7th, 2014.

All such students will be intimated about their presentation date & venue individually at their respective VU e-mail IDs. Therefore, they are advised to check their VU e-mail accounts regularly.


The Presentation Slides will NOT be reviewed and returned for improvements to the students. However, they will be evaluated during the presentation & viva voce session.

The result of this assignment will NOT be declared on VULMS of the course.

The students whose results have been declared as Needs Improvement in the Internship Report (Assignment # 05) are NOT required to submit their Presentation Slides against this assignment. They are required to submit their improved Internship Report as instructed to them. If they pass the written work only then they will be called for presentation & viva voce in Fall 2013 semester. Otherwise, they will have to follow the rules of University according to their Degree Program.

Presentation & viva voce has been started. Students will be informed at least two days in advance about their respective date and venue of the presentation via e-mail at their VU e-mail accounts.