HRM619 Writing a Research Project

HRM619 Writing a Research Project

Dear Students;

Final project Human Resource Management (HRM619) is a research based course and students are expected to give quality time to this course in order to earn the course.Since students have taken the course of the Research Methods (STA630) and Statistics and Probability (STA301) before enrolling the course of project, we expect clarity of the concepts and the command on the subject matter of above mentioned two courses. However, we observed that even after gone through these complementary courses for project, students are unable to recall the basic research ideas and analysis techniques suitable for their study. Hence by keeping in mind this scenario, we have provided sufficient and time saving resources with brief description of the statistical tools to aid the students learning.

HRM619 Research project format

The format for the proposals, final project and list of the topics, data entry method are already provided in the DOWNLOADS section of VULMS of HRM619. You will be guided throughout the semester regarding the research process but in the mean time you must ensure a strong grip on the following areas also:


  • Basic research concepts like type of research, sample, sampling technique.
  • Basic Statistical tools like descriptive analysis, correlation and regression.
  • Using the excel for such analysis or SPSS in an extreme case.
  • Interpretation of the basic statistical tests mentioned above.


If you are not sure about these then you should start working on these areas side by side through the helping material provided on VULMS to improve your statistical skills. Keep in mind that you will seriously need these in this project. These helping materials will help you to conduct your analysis more effectively.


Research is a practice and you can only learn this practice through practice!


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Research Experience:- Experiences include data collection in qualitative research and quantitative research, data analysis at SPSS and excel sheet,report writing and presentation of findings.

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