HRM619 Project Proposal Result of Assignment #1 20112

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HRM619 Project Proposal/dissertation result of Assignment#1

The HRM619 Project Proposal dissertation result of Assignment 01 20122  (Proposal for project/dissertation) has been declared. The proposals have been evaluated and uploaded on the VULMS of the course. Evaluated proposals have been categorized under three heads: Rejected, Needs Improvement and Accepted/Approved. The students whose proposals have been accepted are allowed to start working on their final project/dissertation.


Type One   Rejected: Topic / Proposal is rejected

Students are required to contact us for guidlines how to select a valid topic for HRM619 Final Project. They can send us email at



Please Note: Without having a valid/approved proposal you are not allowed to work on your final project / dissertation.

What to do now?

Revise your topic / proposal in the light of the instructions given in the evaluated proposal as well as guidelines/formats uploaded on VULMS of the course.

 Type Two:     Needs Improvement

Please Note: Read the instructions very carefully! The topic or the proposal is not completely rejected. However, a revised / improved proposal is required to be submitted. Without having a valid/approved proposal you are not allowed to work on your final project / dissertation.

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