HRM619 Final Project on Reasons of Job Burnout in the organization

HRM619 Final Project


Job Burnout is an unpleasant and dysfunctional condition that both people and organizations want to change. The exhaustion of work is a consequence of the perceived disparity between the demands of work and the resources (both material and emotional) that an employee has at his disposal. The factors that influence exhaustion have been shown in many studies over the years. Exhaustion has many negative effects both on the organization and on the person. Among the most important effects in the organization we can mention cynicism, job dissatisfaction, low organizational commitment and the abandonment of work. There are a few ways to prevent exhaustion. However, we must first note the exhaustion to implement all these methods. In this sense, the first signs that indicate the beginning of exhaustion are of vital importance. Colleagues, bosses or subordinates can help a person to notice these signs. However, the ideal is an attempt by the organization to maintain control of exhaustion in a detailed advanced program and to intervene through certain preventive methods when necessary. Finally, different methods are suggested to reduce employee depletion levels.

Keywords: burnout, job burnout, organization


Job burnout is a correct approach to look for the origins of exhaustion in social, economic and cultural developments in the last quarter of the last century. This because; the world moved rapidly from an industrial society to a service company at the time (Schaufeli et al, 2009). job burnout is an unpleasant and dysfunctional condition that both people and organizations would like to change; In fact, much of the main interest in fatigue was not simply understanding what it is, but finding out what to do about it (Maslach and Goldberg, 1998). Exhaustion is defined as a psychological response to work-related stress. Changes in what an individual wants and what he should do or, in other words, significant imbalances between the nature of the job and the nature of the job owner lead to exhaustion (Maslach and Leiter, 2005). Exhaustion not only negatively affects job satisfaction, but also leads to a low organizational commitment (Ashil and Rod, 2011).

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