HRM619 Project on Reasons of Job Burnout in the organization

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 This HRM619 project “Analysis on the factors of Job Burnout in UFONE and Warid Mobile Companies” is a very useful study of HR Practices. Job Burnout can be defined “as a psychological response to job stress” (available on internet). It is generally characterized by physical and emotional exhaustion, socially isolated behavior, psychological irregularity and organizational incompetence through decreased output / poor morale. Job burnout is a result of the discrepancy between the demands of the job and the resources, both material and emotional. Burnout has many negative effects on organization as well as on individuals. Casual response, job discontent, low organizational commitment and quitting the job are some of the important indicators of the job burnout.

UFone and Warid Mobile Companies are two renowned companies, which have reasonable paraphernalia and manpower on their inventories. Both the companies possess expert HR departments. Like other departments, these two mobile companies also have thecases of job stress.This project is aimed at studying the causes of job burnouts in UFone and Warid telecommunication companies in Pakistan for the knowledge of readers and all those who want to get awareness on these subjects. The project will unfold a reasonable account of analytical study of job burnout in aforementioned mobile companies. Furthermore, an endeavor will also be made to find out remedial measures to prevent job burnouts in both the companies. The study will also highlight the impact of job burnout on employees and organizations.