HRM619 Performance Appraisal Practices on job satisfaction

HRM619 Performance Appraisal Practices on job satisfaction

The main purpose of this HRM619 research is to investigate the current performance appraisal system and its impact of employee satisfaction at Mobilink. The other aim of this research is to determine the employee perception regarding to mention company performance appraisal practices. The data will be collected from the respondents (employee of Mobilink) with the help of structured questionnaires. No need to discuss the methodology.   After getting feedback from the employees, this study will be able to find out what is current performance appraisal system of Mobilink and how it is positively link with employee satisfaction.

As for as job satisfaction is concern it could be defined in different ways and an ultimate designation for the term is unlikely to appear. According to Joo and Park’s (2009) he wrote that job satisfaction is distinctive as constructive psychological or accomplishment that a person developed as result of work skills. Another writer (Walsh, 2003) wrote that job satisfaction is related with how well our personal prediction at work is in line with outputs. According to Ayaz Khan’s research he wrote that the word satisfaction and moral are comparable words is referring the level in which any organization meets the basic needs of employees and the indicators of job satisfaction include employee attitudes, absenteeism, employee turnover.

HRM619  Final Project Variables dimensions and its relation

 According to this topic the dependent variable is job satisfaction and the independent variable is performance, the current literature reviews having four performance appraisal dimensions which are below:-

  1. Clear standard
  2. Transparency in system
  3. Feedback
  4. Linkage with job related decisions
  5. Objectivity in system

The dependent variables have the following dimensions which have been measured with the help of employee feedback. Dependent variables dimensions may include the following:-

  1. Growth opportunity
  2. Work environment
  3. Financial incentives
  4. Work itself.


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