HRM619 GDB Solution (announced by VU)

The result of  HRM619 Graded Discussion Board (GDB) has been declared. The efforts of students are really appreciable in this regard. They have tried to understand the used concepts of research in this GDB and then applied them on the given scenario. The real purpose of this activity was to create understanding and familiarity of students regarding the different basic concepts of research used in the proposal and final project for their convenience and quality work. The responses of GDB show that this activity is really fruitful.

The students’ responses of GDB have been evaluated in detail and then rated along with the comments. The discrepancies in the responses have been mentioned in the comments.

Some students have not applied the asked concepts on the given scenario and they have just provided general details regarding research as an activity in research problem, objectives and significance sections whereas these were not required. This scenario has been provided to apply the asked concepts of research for developing better understanding.

Some students have copied their responses through different sources which have been mentioned by the instructor along with comments which is plagiarism and Virtual University has Zero Tolerance Policy in this regard. Such cases are dealt very strictly as per HEC rules and have been rejected.

The students are required to go through the comments given by the instructor for further guidance and incorporate the provided guidelines in the proposal development.

HRM619 GDB Solution (announced by VU)

Solution of  HRM619 Graded Discussion Board (GDB)


Research Problem:

The main research problem is the low performance of employees due to the new implemented change.

Research Objectives:

In this scenario the main objective of the study was:

  • To study the effectiveness of the implemented change and
  • To study the reasons behind the low performance of the employees.

Methodology by the manger to address this research problem:

a)      Data collection tool
The manager can use either Questionnaire or can conduct the Interviews

b)      Sample size
30 employees

c)      Sampling technique
Simple Random Sampling technique was used to select the sample of 30 employees

Significance of the Research Project:

 This study will be significant for the managers to understand the different capabilities and skills of employees and their impact on employees’ outcomes. It is necessary to properly communicate and involve employees before introducing any major change in an organization. It will be significant to apprehend both technical and emotional issues related to the change and will help the top level management in addressing these issues more effectively. Organizations can train their workforce in a specialized manner on the basis of their personal capabilities in order to develop them. Moreover, this study will also be significant for different stakeholders in order to avoid such similar conflicts in future and may improve their weak areas.

Important Notice for Students

It has been noted that students have been copying GDB Solution from without giving a thought to resulting consequences of their act. The aim of pasting the GDB solution was provide ONLY AN IDEA SOLUTION in no way it was not meant to be copied nor do and its owner support any such activities. As mentioned in our disclaimer copying ANY kind of material by any visitor is strictly prohibited. In no way does and its team members solve assignments or assists student in solving their assignments or GDBs it is strictly against our Policy, is sternly against copying and plagiarism. Students are advised to refrain from copying any material published on in future.


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