HRM619 Final Project MBA Research Proposal Topics 2014

HRM619 MBA Project or HRM619 Dissertations are a great opportunity for students to showcase their level of expertise in their chosen field. Writing your business intelligence Free Human Resource Management (HRM) Project and business ethics dissertation is not an easy task; in fact, this requires investment in time, effort and dedication. The key to ensuring the quality of your  business intelligence dissertation and business ethics dissertation is to choose the best topic.

HRM619 Final Project MBA HR Research Proposal Topics 2014

  1. Reasons of Job Burnout in the organization 
  2. Measuring the perceived organizational support 
  3. Comparison of any one HR practice (Training & development, Recruitment & 
  4. Selection, Performance Appraisal, and Compensation Management) of organizations of different sectors. 
  5. Measuring job stress 
  6. Effect of job design on the employee satisfaction 
  7. Manager Neuroticism and Job satisfaction 
  8. HR Audit of any organization 
  9. Effect of Job Enrichment & Job Enlargement on employee performance 
  10. Effect of incentives (Monetary & Non-monetary) on employees’ intentions of turnover 
  11. Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Workplace 
  12. Types of Commitment and employees Task performance 
  13. Application of Job Characteristics Model (JCM) 
  14. Effect of Job Characteristics on Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) 
  15. Analysis of Equal Employment Opportunity Policies and Gender Discrimination 
  16. Effect of Job Burnout on Employees’ Performance 
  17. Role of Supervisor in building the Employees’ Psychological Contract 
  18. Impact of Personality Traits on Organizational Commitment 
  19. Workforce Diversity and Organizational Effectiveness 
  20. Exploring Glass Ceiling in Private Sector Organization 
  21. Impact of Fringe Benefits on Hygiene Factor Theory 
  22. Exploring different types of Organizational Commitment (Affective, Normative & Continuance)

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