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MBA in HMR619-Final Project human resource management syllabus session 2021-2022  

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HRM619 Final Project-Human Resource Management Topics 2021-2022

  1. Measuring the job satisfaction and employee performance in the private and the public sector
  2. Reasons of Job Burnout in the organization
  3. Measuring the perceived organizational support
  4. Comparison of any one HR practice (Training & development, Recruitment & Selection, Performance Appraisal, and Compensation Management) of organizations of different sectors.
  5. Measuring job stress
  6. Effect of job design on the employee satisfaction
  7. Manager Neuroticism and Job satisfaction
  8. HR Audit of any organization
  9. Effect of Job Enrichment & Job Enlargement on employee performance
  10. Effect of incentives (Monetary & Non-monetary) on employees’ intentions of turnover
  11. Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Workplace
  12. Types of Commitment and employees Task performance
  13. Application of Job Characteristics Model (JCM)
  14. Effect of Job Characteristics on Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB)
  15. Analysis of Equal Employment Opportunity Policies and Gender Discrimination
  16. Effect of Job Burnout on Employees’ Performance
  17. Role of Supervisor in building the Employees’ Psychological Contract
  18. Impact of Personality Traits on Organizational Commitment
  19. Workforce Diversity and Organizational Effectiveness
  20. Exploring Glass Ceiling in Private Sector Organization
  21. Impact of Fringe Benefits on Hygiene Factor Theory
  22. Exploring different types of Organizational Commitment (Affective, Normative &
  23. Measuring the perceived organizational support of the public and the private sector
  24. Effect of perceived organizational support on job satisfaction a mediating role of employee motivation
  25. Effect of training practices on the employee motivation 
  26.  Comparison of the training practices in two or more organizations of the same sector
  27. Impact of HR practices on employee satisfaction a mediating role of top management 
  28. Comparison of the HR practices in two or more organizations of the same sector
  29. Measuring job stress in Public and private sector 
  30. Effect of job design on the employee performance

List of the hrm619 final project Topics fall 2021 (new)

  1. The Effect of Total Quality Management Practise on Quality performance and innovation performance at Textile Sector in Pakistan
  2. Effect of Incentives (Monetary & Non-monetary) on Employees’ Intentions of Turnover
  4. The Relationship between Total Quality Management and Organization Performance A case of Beverage Sector in Pakistan.
  5. The impact of incentives (Monetary & Non-monetary) on employees’ turnover intentions at Textile sector in Pakistan
  6. Correlation between total quality management (TQM) practices and organizational performance A study of Textile sector of Pakistan.
  7. Analysis of Intangible Reward and Intrinsic Motivation a Mediating role of Organization-Based Self Esteem at Banking Sector UAE
  8. Correlation between leadership styles and Perceived employee performance at Coca cola.
  9. Impact of Supply Chain Management Practices on Supply Chain performance at Coca Cola
  10. Effect of Job Stress on the Performance of Female Staff (Lady Health Visitors) working in round the clock health facilities (BHUs) in rural areas of Punjab
  11. Impact of Job Stress on Organizational Affective Commitment of Employees at Askari Bank
  12. The Role of Organizational Identification and Perceived Organizational Support in Telecommunication Sector “A case of Telenor”
  13. Organizational climate and its relationship with employee’s motivation at Beverage Sector in Pakistan “A case of Coca cola Company

HRM619 Final Project MBA Research Proposal Topics 2021

Latest MBA Project Topics for HR

  • Awareness and effective utilization of ESI benefits (MBA HR)
  • A study on satisfaction level of employees with special reference textile industry (MBA HR)
  • A study of exit interview in relation to employer branding (MBA HR)
  • Emotional Intelligence and Quality of Work Life among employees of HCL-BPO (MBA HR)
  • Employees perception about organizational HR practices and culture (MBA HR)
  • Influence of organizational climate on employee commitment and job satisfaction (MBA HR)
  • Scientific Screening process in a Recruitment Consulting Firm (MBA HR)
  • Effectiveness of Organisational Culture in Hyundai Motors (MBA HR)
  • Satisfaction level of the employees on the various welfare facilities provided by ABC industries (MBA HR)
  •  A study on performance appraisal of an employees at Company (MBA HR)
  •  A Study on Organizational Culture and its Impact on employees behaviour (MBA HR)
  •  A study on identifying awareness among corporate executives on pursuing higher studies from top B schools (MBA HR)
  • A study on training and development of executive in the Himalaya drug (MBA HR)
  • A study to analyse the effect of implementation of 360 degree performance appraisal technique (MBA HR)
  •  Effectiveness of the Existing Appraisal System at Air India and to Suggest Measures for the Improvement of the System (MBA HR)
  • A comprehensive study on work-life balance (MBA – HR)Impact of intra organisational relationship on organisational effectiveness at Company. (MBA HR)
  • A study on the effectiveness of existing performance appraisal system in Company (MBA HR)
  • A study on employee morale at Company (MBA HR)
  • A study on the effectiveness of performance appraisal in managerial employees of a Bank (MBA HR)
  •  A study of labour welfare measures at SAIL (MBA HR)
  • A study on effectiveness of organisation climate in Company (MBA HR)
  • Study on absenteeism of workmen in MRF Ltd. (MBA HR)
  • A study to identify the potential advisor for ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd, [City] (MBA HR)
  •  A comparative study on the effectiveness of search methods in a recruitment consulting firm. (MBA HR)
  • A study on the challenges faced in identifying potential advisor for ICICI Prudential (MBA HR)
  • A study on corporates and job seekers potential (MBA HR)
  •  A study on the executives perception regarding the Training and development system (MBA HR)
  • A study on employee motivation (MBA HR)
  • A study on employee retention techniques of Company (MBA HR)
  • A detailed study of promotion and reward policy of an organisation (MBA – HR
  •  Women at workplace : Geographically mobile, Qualified and Liberated – A Global Phenomenon (MBA – HR)
  •  Need and imperative of Induction and Orientation processes : an overview (MBA – HR)
  • A comparative study on employee motivation in it -and banking sector between Infosys and SBI (MBA – HR)
  • Prevention of Industrial Accidents: Measures and Challenges (MBA HR)
  • A Detailed Study of Promotion and Reward Policy of State Bank of India – SBI (MBA HR)
  •  Training as a HRD tool with reference to ABC Company (MBA HR)
  • Employee attrition and retention strategies in BPO industry (MBA HR)
  • Study on Job Satisfaction of teachers in private schools (MBA – HR)
  •  A Study on the Importance of Cross-Cultural Training in Effective Management of MNCs (MBA – HR)
  •  Strategic Rewards Systems – an overview (MBA – HR)
  •  Role of HR in NGO (MBA – HR)
  • Training Need Analysis – process steps : an overview (MBA – HR)
  • A study to identify what motivates staff towards better performance in hotel industry (MBA HR)
  • A Study of Performance Management in Bharti Airtel (MBA HR)
  • Leaders Vs Managers – myths & reality – A case study (MBA HR)
  • Human Resource Information system (MBA HR)
  • Training and development (MBA HR)
  • Wage Differentials – occupational vs. skills – an overview (MBA HR
  •  Teacher Employee satisfaction at vocational education (MBA HR)
  • A study on the performance appraisal at Lahore (MBA HR
  •  Future Trends in Recruitment- India and Overseas (MBA HR
  • A detail study on selection and recruitment process at a [Compnay] (MBA HR)
    54 Study the Employees Job Satisfaction at ABC Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd. (MBA HR)
  • A study of job satisfaction among employees of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (MBA HR)
  • Need for Strategy for Training and Development – an overview (MBA – HR
  • Case Study on Employee Motivation in an Organisation (MBA HR)
  • Executive perception on training & development system (MBA HR
  • Work-Life Balance – need and imperative as an HR initiative
  • Effectiveness of induction and orientation programme in auto sector (MBA HR)
  •  A systematic study on school management and teacher staff selection process (MBA HR)
  • HRIS implementation challenges and solution : an overview (MBA – HR)
  • Effectiveness of Reward System on Motivational Level of Employees (MBA HR)
  •  Importance of Recognition For Employees In Rewards System (MBA HR)
  • Sources of Recruitment – global scenario : brief study (MBA HR)
  • Human Resources recruitment process (MBA HR)
  •  Culture has an Impact on an Organizational Behaviour- An Overview (MBA HR)
  • A role of motivation in enhancing teacher’s performance in private schools (MBA HR)
  • Role of emotional intelligence and work-life balance in job stress (MBA HR)
  • Contemporary trends in Recruitment – a global view (MBA HR)
  •  A study on employee retention techniques in the BPO sector (MBA HR)
  •  Recruitment & selection process practiced by multinational organization (MBA HR)
  • Various key factors impacting employees performance (MBA HR)

HRM619 MBA HR Project Reports Documents 2021-2022

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  1. Dear Instructor

    I am concern to training in my organization, so my interest about Training is valid. That is why i have selected a topic about training and its impact on employee performance. So give me permit to go with training however you can suggest me how to go with training topic.

    1. The Relationship between training practice with employee satisfaction or employee performance
    2. The impact of training on employee attitude
    3. The impact of training on organization productivity
    suggest me but i wana stay at training topics

    • Dear Simra
      I suggest you to select something which adds something new and worthwhile in literature. Training and development is well explained and nearly many facets of it are already well explored. However, if you want to take TnD as your variable then introduce some new dependent/mediating variable. By adding this you can produce something which will be useful for your organization as well as for other researchers too.
      I advise you that today you spend some time on searching something which is yet hidden and by exploring it by you, good research can be done and produced.
      I hope you understand what I am saying. Feel free to write to me

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  5. Respected Sir,
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    I received back my marked proposal. My topic was “HR Audit of Serena Hotel Quetta”.Sir, you have made few observations on it. The most important is that HR Audit is a vast subject and is difficult to be covered in limited time available. It is true and I, perhaps ignored this aspect.
    To limit the scope of research I want to carryout audit of one aspect of HR practices which is HR Training and Development.
    Therefore, can I my change topic which is as under:-Analysis of HR Training and Development in Serena Hotel Quetta with a view to Identify Weaknesses and make Recommendations for Improvement”
    This topic will enable me to manage it in limited available time and will also benefit the organization.
    Sir, can I work on this topic and can submit my revised proposal on above mentioned topic.

    Thanks and Regards.

  6. Dear Sr,
    If i just take different educational institutes of one sector let’s say private and 3 or 4 institutes and proceed on the topic then that will be accepatable?? There will be thorough research on the subject “effect on incentives monetary and non-monetary on employees intentions of turnover and not comparison. These are two possibilites either comparison or just measuring of effects in one sector? I need clearance of this thing sr. Both of these areas are feasible or not?

  7. Dear Sr,
    I have selected four organizations for the study under consideration and as discussed with you all organizations are of the same level. i.e degree level.
    Ø Fazaia Degree College ARF, Kamra
    Ø Fazaia Degree College MRF, Kamra
    Ø Punjab College of Excellence, Kamra
    Ø Rawalpindi College of Commerce, Kamra
    But in proposal improvement, it is mentioned that i have to select the organizations of the same level. In my view, all these organizations are of same level sr. I need clarification regarding this as these organizations are of degree level, what should and how should i proceed further now?

  8. Respected sir i did internship in previous degree (BBA Hons) so is it necessary for me to submitt job confirmation letter ? lets suppose someone is unemployed but he did internship in previous degree then what about that person ? either he have to do internship again or submit project ?

  9. Respected sir,
    i am interested to work on ” job stress and its impacts”’. i want to discuss various aspects like job stress for women and teenagers and want to evaluate it through questionnaires. is it acceptable from your side please and also guide me regarding different variables which i should focus.
    waiting for your kind response Please

  10. Dear Sir,
    I have intended to work on project with the topic “workforce diversity and organizational effectiveness”, I need to clarify whether to select a specific organization for this project or it should be in general.

  11. Dear Sir,
    Please confirm that can I choose three main HR functions of my own organization as a final project.Secondly kindly confirm that is there any requirement of minimum number of pages of final project.
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  12. Dear Sir,
    I intend to select the topic from the given list “Comparison of any one HR practice (Training & development, Recruitment & Selection, Performance Appraisal, and Compensation Management) of organizations of different sectors”.
    Let me know that is it necessary to make a Comparison of one practice “Training & Development” of two organizations, OR
    I can modify the topic for one HR Practice, like, “Training & Development for better utilization of HR”
    2. Kindly also help me about the contents of JCL. Can I have a SAMPLE LETTER?

    Syed Muhammad Khalid

  13. asalam alaikum, i found out your website via google, i live in mardan KP, i am a simple school teacher in a private school i have no office experience nor have i ever worked in an office i am totally clueless regarding this project please help me, send me a proposal and project if you are serious about solving my problem soon then i can pay you hope you will not charge something i cannot afford. you can send me proposal and project on any of the two topics given as

  14. Sir I just want to clear that why a message “You are not enrolled in a project or group you are not eligible to apply for project reference letter” is appear on my vulms ID under titled Project reference letter.

    • Sadaf
      You are enrolled in the course of final project (HRM619). Kindly ignore this message as it is due to updation in VULMS.
      Thanks Sadaf

  15. Sir,
    I have planned to work out on the topic Measuring Job Stress.I have to research or make a proposal with reference to an organization of private sector or govt or public sector.Stress is present in both govt sector and private sector.As I come to know after reading research method book that research proposal falls in applied research where we want to rectify or find solution of the certain issue.There are no recorded video lectures about research proposal and and specimen or sample to take as a role model. Please help

  16. I took the contact details from this site,I am student of MBA (Exec 2 Year Final Semester) @ virtual university. I required to submit my final project & dissertation proposal on 9th May, 2014 & final project on 27th Jun, 2014. Due to some my personal works & tight schedule, i am unable to prepare the both project & dissertation proposal & project. So it is requested that kindly help me in this regard to submit the project & dissertation as per the VU instructions. Because i am unable to understand that what is the procedure to submit the project proposal + final project.Reference to our telephonic discussion it is conveyed that total amount is – PKR. All data will be prepared by yourself & i will present the presentation only So Please tell me the procedure to send the money. if it would be in installments, it would be easy for me to give you.It is again humbly requested that i need the success assurance.

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    Thank you sir. i want ask a question that which software package i will use. Is it easier to use EXEL and SPSS software? i don’t know how to use SPSS software.

    • Dear Student
      you can use excel sheet for data analysis. Get excel sheet for data entry from us through email (free of cost)


  20. i am a student of mba final semester my major subject is HRM619.My topic is effect of job enrichment and job enlargement on employee performance. i have some difficulty in my project my tool for data collection is questionnaire but i have diificulty that which statistical technique that i will use for my topic. sir plz help me i will be very grateful to you and reply me as soon as possible.

    • Dear Student
      You can use following techniques for analysis
      1. Mean analysis
      2. Standard Deviation
      3. Correlation technique
      4. Percentage analysis
      I hope it is clear to you, in case of any difficulty you are most welcome to write us again.
      Asma Bashir
      Project Coordinator

  21. plz help me in making a project my topic is JOB STRESS AMONG EMPLOYEES OF PUBLIC AND PRIVATE banks.

  22. I am studying MBA final in virtual university of pakistan. Can any one guide me to get a project either in job satisfaction or performance appraisal..

  23. HRM619-Final Project-Human Resource Management required

    I have prepared the Intro and Background of the Proposal. I have selected the topic “Effect of training practices on job satisfaction” and have chosen Meezan Bank.
    “Effect of Training Practices on Job Satisfaction”

    You have suggested me to select hrm619 project training development in mba programe, So Please prepare my project hr report i will pay you. You pepole are provding 100 % Guarantee on mba hr project. So i am interested. thanks.

    Humaira Farooq

  24. Sir,
    I have prepared the Intro and Background of the Proposal. I have selected the topic “Effect of training practices on job satisfaction” and have chosen Meezan Bank. Kindly check both these sections and please make any corrections if needed. Do inform me when you check my work. You can just sms me. I have attched the file but incase any inconvenience, I am pasting the stuff on this email document as well. Thankyou.
    Awaiting your response,
    Mrs Humaira Farooq.

  25. Final project HRM 619
    Respected sir,

    This is Mrs Humaira Farooq. I am doing MBA in HRM from Virtual University. I am extremely worried regarding my project as I have no one to guide me. I have two kids and its quite difficult for me to manage studies, particularly the final project. I want to ask you how do you help students in writing their proposals and final projects. Moreover, how do I select the topic. Will the university provide us with the topic? It is just the beginning of the fourth sememster and no topic is provided to us yet.

    Anyways, kindly inform me how can you help me in passing this course, i.e HRM 619.

    Awaiting your reply,

    • Dear Abdul Samad

      We will guide the student in every step throughout the semester from topic selection to completion and submission of the AIOU COL MBA final project on time.Soft copy of all these documents will be provided to our students before or on the due date of submission, we guarantee on time submission of all required documents. If any of our students is dissatisfied with our service or Fails a Project/Thesis/Dissertation/Internship report. In such scenario we offer 100% money back guarantee.
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