HRM619-Final Project GDB Solution Semester Fall 2013

HRM619 Final Project Graded Discussion Board


Telecom sector is considered as one of the most significant and high revenue generating sector of Pakistan. It is substantially contributing to the national economy of Pakistan as compared to other sectors. Ultimately, both local and international companies are confronted with high competition in this particular sector. This intensified competition is exposed to different risks that might affect its operating results as well as allowing the consumers to switch from one network to other. In such circumstances retention of customers and offering high service quality is of utmost importance.

An empirical study was conducted to examine the different factors of service quality that lead the customers towards network switching. Among several factors reliability, responsiveness, durability, assurance and empathy are found to be the most significant factors. Data was collected through a structured questionnaire and surveying from different educational institutes. Out of the total population only 100 students were selected randomly from different universities that were easily available.

Answer the following questions on the basis of above mentioned scenario;

  1. Identify the research problem.
  2. Identify dependent and independent variables.
  3. Identify the following elements of the adopted methodology to address the research problem:
  4. Research type
  5. Data collection tool
  6. Target Population
  7. Sample size
  8. Sampling technique

•     Explain the significance of this research. What is new for our understanding as the result of research inquiry?

The GDB has been opened today November 07, 2013 and the closing date of this GDB is November 13, 2013.


Research problem:

The research problem is to identify the risk factors involved in highly competitive telecom industry of Pakistan while focusing on customer retention and total quality management to gain competitive advantage.

Dependent and independent variable:

Independent variable:

Dependent Variable:-  )

Target Population:- (educational institutes)

Sample Size:   (100 sample size has taken to collect the data from students)

Sampling technique:- (Probability sampling- randomly technique)

Explain the significance of this research. What is new for our understanding as the result of research inquiry.

The research study is significant because in today’s highly competitive business world product quality and service quality have become one of the most critical components for getting competitive edge in the market. This research aims to advance our collective knowledge and understanding about the importance of adopting suitable product and its delivery strategies in which customers can enjoy products features like quality, product availability, reliability etc. With the help of this research selected organization/sector can improve their weak areas and can make their service more superior then before.  Furthermore this research aims to study and analyze the factors who effect the service quality thus the findings of this study will be useful for organizations in general and will act as catalyst for change in Pakistan as businesses here are generally known to give scant regard for telecommunication sector. This study also hopes to add to the body of knowledge on products strategy and its service strategy in which customers can get better service thus useful for Marketing deptt practitioners as well as academics and for future researchers working in this domain.


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