HRM619 Final Project on Effect of training practices on employee satisfaction

Training practices has been invaluable in increasing productivity of organizations. It does not only enhance employees resourcefully, but also provides them with an opportunity to virtually learn their jobs and perform more competently. Hence, increasing not only employees productivity but also organizations’ productivity. Various researches indicate the positive impact of training on employees’ productivity.

Training practices 

Training practices is the organized way in which organizations provide development and enhance quality of new and existing employees. Training is viewed as a systematic approach of learning and development that improve individual, group and organization (Goldstein& Ford, 2002) in Khawaja & Nadeem (2013). Thus it is the series of activities embarked upon by organization that leads to knowledge or skills acquisition for growing purposes. Thereby, contributing to the well being and performance of human capital, organization, as well as the society at large. According to Manju & Suresh (2011), training serves as an acts of intervention to improve organization’s goods and services quality in stiff the competition by improvements in technical skills of employees.

Training practices and job satisfaction 

Training affects employees’ behavior and their working skills which results into employees enhanced performance as well as constructive changes (Satterfield & Hughes, 2007). Training practices is most effective way of motivating and retaining high quality in human resources within an organization (Kate Hutchings, Cherrie J.Zhu, Brain K, Cooper, Yiming Zhang & Sijun Shao, 2009).

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