HRM619 Final Project Course Synopsis

HRM619 Course Synopsis

HRM619 is offered to the students of MBA specializing in Human Resource Management.This course is designed for the students who are already on job.Students are required to select any one from the available options i.e., project or dissertation Step wise guide for the submissions of course work: 1. First Proposal (draft) for project/ dissertation is required to be submitted by the students to determine the feasibility of the intended project/dissertation. It will be evaluated to provide guidance to the students and returned for improvements to be made in final (revised) proposal.

 Final (revised) Proposal for project/dissertation is required to be submitted which will be evaluated for determining the validity of the proposal and will be returned to the students. A valid proposal (approved by the Instructor) is a must for submitting the project/dissertation. 3. After approval of the Final (revised) Proposal, Project/ Dissertation is to be submitted on the same approved Proposal of project/dissertation which will be evaluated according to the instructions/guidelines, formats and comments given by the Course Instructor in the final (revised) proposal.

Presentation & viva voce will be held after the announcement of the result of Project/Dissertation. Only those students will be called for presentation & viva voce who will pass the written work (Final (revised) Proposal & Project/Dissertation) and whose Job Confirmation Letter will have been accepted by the Documents Evaluation Committee.

Final result of the course will be based on successful completion of each and every stage (submission) separately as well as jointly.For the sake of guidance, VULMS of this course is enriched with contents such as FAQs, formats, general guidelines, presentation guidelines as well as rules & regulations. Furthermore, semester calendar is uploaded on VULMS pertaining to submission of various documents so that students may be able to streamline their activities with respect to the specified deadlines, as late submissions will not be entertained at all.

Evaluation Criteria: Evaluation of the course HRM619: Final Project is based on pass/fail criteria. Marks have NOT been allocated to any submission or activity and no grade point of this course will be added to the CGPA. However, as it is a compulsory course, therefore, it is necessary to pass this course to fulfill the requirements of the degree program.

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