Final Project on Examination Management System(IT)


With the advent of technology and continuous growth in literacy rate the education systems are becoming complex and now it is not an easy job to mange them manually. Bhauddin Zakariya university came into existence in 1975 to impart the education in this region and now it is ranked in the first class institutions of the country . in the     beginning number of students in the university were limited but with the passage of time the strength of students increased , now university is offering near about twenty three master degree programs . to maintain the records of all these students and their result compilation is  very difficult , costly and time consuming . as all the departments of government are going to be computerized it is also needed to make the examination system of the university to digitized .


There is no any computerized system in the examination section of master programs. All the work is done on manual basis and there are large number of people who are working day and night to maintain the examination system of university. There is no formal existing computer system but it can be said that such type of systems are indispensable now a days.


Analysis of existing system is an integral part of the system project because the efficiency and effectiveness of the purposed system is determined by this preliminary phase. To have a brief and in depth knowledge of the system we have spent three months to analyze the whole system for the solution of the problems and bottlenecks existing in the current system.
The existing system of examination is being completed by the integrated efforts of four sections which is described as�

  1. Tabulation branch
  2. Conduct Branch
  3.  Secrecy branch
  4.  Accounts Branch


  •  Provide the information to the students.
  • Receive the admission form
  • Sort out the form Into Male, Female, city wise regular or private candidates etc.
  • Allocation of centers.
  • Inform the conduct branch about the number of students in every city/town..


Conduct branch decide the
Ø  Number and places of centers.
Ø  Appoint supervisory staff and inform the tabulation branch about the capacity of the centers.
Conduct branch is also responsible to

Maintain the effective running of the exams.
Ø   Provide the stationery supplies, answer sheets.
Ø  Appointment of inspectors.
Ø  Receive the remuneration bills and verify these bills and send these bills to the accounts branch


Secrecy branch is divided into two sections
1.Secrecy office.2.Secrecy confidential press.  Secrecy office�
Secrecy office deals with the
Ø  Appointment of the paper setters.
Ø  Appointment of paper checkers
Ø  Get the question papers on time and hand over it the confidential press.

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