FIN619 Result declaration of Assignment no.7 fall 2014

Dear Students,

The result of the Assignment No. 07 (Final Submission of Project) has been announced. The evaluated Projects have also been uploaded on the course VULMS. Results of evaluated Projects have been declared as Pass or Fail.

Type One: PASS

The students whose results of Written Work as a whole i.e. (Proposal & Final Project) have been declared as Pass should carefully read and follow the comments given in their evaluated project and start preparing for presentation & viva voce. They are required to read the guidelines for presentation & viva voce (Lesson: 06) uploaded on VULMS of the course. Also follow the presentation template (available in “Downloads” section or “Lesson no. 06”) to design the presentation power point slides. Assignment No. 9 (Final Submission of Presentation Slides for Pass Students Only) has been opened (Due Date: 21st February, 2014).

The scheduling for presentation & viva voce is in progress and will be intimated to students individually at their respective VU e-mail IDs.

Type Two: Fail

The students who had a valid proposal but “Fail” in Final Project will be declared as Fail in this course for current semester. Such students will not be scheduled for presentation & viva voce session and they will need to re-enroll this course either in Spring 2014 or any subsequent semester.


Only those students will be called for presentation & viva voce in the semester Fall 2013 whose result of the Written Work as a whole i.e. (Proposal & Final Project) is declared as ‘PASS’.

Presentation date can be scheduled before the due date of Assignment No. 9 (Final Submission of Presentation Slides for Pass Students Only). Thus Pass students in whole written work (proposal & final project) should not confuse the due date of Assignment No. 9 (21st February, 2014) with the presentation date. Presentation date will be communicated to every student individually via personalized email send at their VU email IDs. Student can be called for presentation and viva voce session even he/she is not submitted the presentation slides on VULMS under said assignment.

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