FIN619 Ratio Analysis Research Proposal Fall 2013

Ratio Analysis Research Proposal Semester Fall 2013

Ratio analysis is a technique by which companies evaluate their financial position and performance in the market along with its competitors. These ratios tell us whether a company will be able to pay its debts both long and short term. Ratio analysis helps in measuring profitability, long and short term solvency and total financial condition of a company and research methodology of ratio analysis for fin619. Please see the below link for fin619 project topics.

Finance project topics in banks

Balance sheet and profit and loss accounts are required to conduct ratio analysis. It can also be used by companies especially banks and similar financial institutions to determine whether their business venture was more profitable in the past or is it earning more profits now, also we can determine future position of the company using financial ratios. The study is conducted on three banks which are as follows:

  1. United Bank.
  2. Allied Bank.
  3. Askari bank.

By collecting data for research on the three banks mentioned above the study will show that which bank has more financial strength than other two banks. As mentioned earlier for ratio analysis financial statements like Balance sheet and profit and loss account are needed, these documents fall in the category of secondary data which was obtained from official websites of all three mentioned banks.

Introduction to Ratio Analysis FIN619 Research Proposal 

Ratios are for comparing and evaluating company performance individually or in the industry as a whole. During ratio analysis data is compared with competitors, other successful business ventures and company’s own previous financial values. Ratios help in identifying any company’s strengths and weaknesses, financial condition and risks the firm is facing. Use of financial ratios is invaluable for studying profitability, leverage, solvency, interest covering, and capital usage of banks.

By using trend analysis a bank’s performance over a particular period of time can be determined favorable and unfavorable trends can later be separated and measures can be made to shift these trends to favorable conditions. Forecasting is another important feature of using trend analysis. By using forecasting we can estimate the future of a bank or the banking industry as a whole we will be able to see how socioeconomic situation impacts the performance of banks.

The reason for conducting this analysis on three different banks currently working in Pakistani private banking sector is to use comparative ratio analysis methods to see which bank is performing better in these unstable economic conditions in the country. We will be able to see which bank has a stronger and stable position among the three banks. Information required for this study will be gathered from websites of respective banks.

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