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FIN619 Project Proposal Latest

MBA in Finance and FIN619 project proposal syllabus is not an easy pill to swallow. MBA  Final Project Report in finance is a degree requirement for Virtual University MBA with Finance majors. We offer expert writing services for FIN619 project Latest FIN619 Project Proposal proposals. If you are looking FIN619 Project proposal writing services, then you are at the right place, get your FIN619 Project proposal with 100 % approval guarantee. 

FIN619 Project Proposal Topics

  1. Liquidity and leverage Ratios’ Analysis
  2. Profitability Ratios’ Analysis
  3. Activity Ratios’ Analysis
  4. Market Ratios’ Analysis
  5. Cash Flow Ratios’ Analysis

FIN619 Project Proposal on Banking Ratio Analysis for the year 2020,2021,2022FIN619 Project Proposal on ratio analysis

  1. Project Proposal on Ratio Analysis of Allied Bank Limited Commercial Banks
  2. Project Proposal on Ratio Analysis of SMBL Summit Bank Limited Commercial Banks
  3. Project Proposal on Ratio Analysis of Askari bank Limited Commercial Banks
  4. Project Proposal on Ratio Analysis of Bank Al-Falah Limited Commercial Banks
  5. Project Proposal on Ratio Analysis of Bank Al-Habib Limited Commercial Banks
  6. Project Proposal on Ratio Analysis of Faysal Bank Limited Commercial Banks
  7. Project Proposal on Ratio Analysis of Meezan Bank Limited Commercial Banks
  8. Project Proposal on Ratio Analysis of KASAB bank Limited Commercial Banks
  9. Project Proposal on Ratio Analysis of National Bank of Pakistan Commercial Banks
  10. Project Proposal on Ratio Analysis of Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited Commercial Banks
  11. Project Proposal on Ratio Analysis of MCB bank Limited Commercial Banks
  12. Project Proposal on Ratio Analysis of NIB Bank Limited Commercial Banks
  13. Project Proposal on Ratio Analysis of JS Bank Limited Commercial Banks
  14. Project Proposal on Ratio Analysis of Samba Bank Limited Commercial Banks
  15. Project Proposal on Ratio Analysis of Soneri bank Limited Commercial Banks
  16. Project Proposal on Ratio Analysis of United bank Limited Commercial Banks

 FIN619 Project Proposal Writing Service

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You can select your FIN619 project proposal from any of the above topics or if you have difficulties in coming up with a FIN619 project we will offer our assistance in topic selection. Order our FIN619 Project proposal now at we offer excellent proposal writing services with a 100% pass and money-back guarantee. Feel free to write us an email for further information.


Please visit your VULMS for further guidelines, formats about the topics mentioned above, separate templates are provided for each topic. These templates can be found in the “Downloads” tab of your FIN619 project proposal VULMS.

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  1. Aoa. Dear Concern,
    I require your help in making my FIN-619 proposal for the project. I am doing job in pvt ltd company. Today is last day of submission of Assignment No.2 (Proposal for Final Project). I am totally blind how i make it and submit. Please advice me what should i do. Please replay back.

    Thanks & Regards
    Atif Sarwar

  2. Dear.

    I have selected my course (project for VU) last day, but I could not understand how to make a proposal(profitability ratio) for final project. can you help me.

  3. hii sir
    i am amala, doing my final yr MBA in karunya university, now i want to do project on leverage..
    i don’t have idea on that, i want to know how to identify the problem related to leverage? and give me some ideas to do my project innovative and success..

  4. Dear Sir,
    I require your help in making my fin619 proposal for the project. I do job and dont have enough time to mange it.dear sir, please advice me what should i do, how i can get help from you.

  5. Respected Sir.
    I want to have a proposal on profitability ratios analysis.please guide me in this regard as soon as possible

  6. Dear Aamer sb: AsSlam-o-Alaikum and Eid Mubarak (in Advance) The result of the project proposal has been announced, attached please find download of the proposal with instructor comments. Also attached please find copy of the announcement which elaborates what to do next. What I have understood from proposal result and after reading the announcement is that our proposal has been ACCEPTED (please correct me if I am wrong). I think we just need to incorporate the changes suggested by instructor in the proposal. And we should start working on the project keeping in mind the deadline of 16th December. Please review and advise if we are required to submit anything under Assignment No. 2 before the deadline of November 11. I will call you tomorrow to discuss on phone further, in-the-meantime kindly review the attached document


  7. I have to submit Final Project Proposal of Profitability Ratios’ Analysis
    Before 30 Oct-11

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