FIN619 Project Proposal for MBA Finance Student

Project Proposal on Ratio Analysis of Soneri bank, Allied bank and National Bank

MBA Project in Finance FIN619 Project Proposal

We know that the analysis of financial statements as well as interpretation of financial finding of particular period of operation with the help of using ratio is termed as ratio analysis. Therefore ratio analyses are hereby used to find out the financial soundness of particular organization. Ratio analysis is holding various outcomes for stakeholder like, creditors, debtors, investors as well mangers.  Ratio analysis is very necessary to build the relationship between two accounting figures to highlight the important information to the management or other users, who could analyze the business situation, company financial performance. Ratio analysis facilitates the accounting information to be summarized and simplified in a required form and highlights the interrelationship between the facts and figures of various segments of business. Ratio analysis helps the company to remove all types of wastages and inefficiencies.Hence the fin619 project proposal for MBA finance students have been written to show you the acutal position of the selected banks.

This study is also going to investigate the mentioned banks financial performance with the help of ratio analysis.  For main reason for conducting this research is to find out which bank has good financial strength over other two banks.  All the below mentioned objectives will be achieved with the help of secondary data.  Therefore secondary data will be collected from the banks websites like annual reports etc.

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