Project Proposal on Banking Ratio Analysis United bank, National bank of Pakistan and Bank Alfalah for the year 2020-2021-2022

Introduction of Project Proposal on Ratio Analysis for the year 2020-2021-2022

Understanding the financial ratios is key point in the success of any business. Capital is backbone of any business and every businessman wants to use his capital in such a way that he has to spend little and get high productivity by using his capital. Businessman always wants to reduce their costs and earns high profit which need a total planning and structure so that he can get desired results. And financial ratios analysis

Latest Ratio Analysis on Bankingare toll to check all these. Financial ratios help the business to analyze the fluctuation in financial conditions and to check how the business is going over the time. These ratios help to understand the strength and weakness of business. There are hundreds financial ratios which are used by using business, whether they are service oriented or industry. Banking companies in Pakistan are most profit making organizations of which are working since last many decades.

Many researchers have been completed research on financial statement analysis of banking companies but there is always a place of improvement in every field of life. Financial statement ratio analysis is key of calculation of financial data. It provides opportunity to predict about the growth of organization and to make improvement in all the sectors and to make future plans.  Financial statement analysis use past data for calculation so can easily identify all the problem which business have faced and can be occur in future. Ratios are most important tool of financial analysis that help to implement plans, to check profitability, liquidity, leverage, reordering, structure of business and interest coverage ratio analysis.

Ratio Analysis at Banking Sector 

This project will cover three most important banking organizations in Pakistan which are working on national level and will predict about their financial conditions in last three years. The banking companies which I have selected are NBP, United bank and Bank Alfalah. This project will make analysis on their financial position, on structure of companies, about their objectives and goals and financing decisions.

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