FIN619 Final Project Schedule for Fall 2013

Accept our heartiest welcome to the Semester Fall 2013 at Virtual University of Pakistan. It is, sincerely, hoped that you would enjoy your academic tenure at VU during this semester especially getting enrolled under this course. List of topics, proposal format and formats of final project on each topic have been published. Click at the below link for view

FIN619 Project Topics

FIN619 Course Semester Calendar

This is to inform you that Semester Calendar for FIN619 Fall 2013 semester has been uploaded on VULMS under Lesson No.2 & Course Overview tab under Course Website pertaining to submission of various documents (also enclosed below) so that you may be able to streamline your activities with respect to the specified deadlines.  You have to follow that calendar for the submission of all the activities of this course.

Course Semester Calendar (Schedule for  Fall 2013)

Course Schedule


Submission of Proposal  for Project

22nd November, 2013

Last date for Submission of Job Confirmation Letter

29th November,2013

Submission of Final Project

6th January, 2014

Presentation & Viva Voce

After passing the written work .


You may put your queries over or alternatively via e-mail at


Keep smiling, even when things get tough as learning happens when you are happy.

We wish you success and prosperity in the life ahead!



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