FIN619 Final Project Assignment # 2 Revised Proposal 2022

Dear Students,

This is to inform you that result of Assignment No. 1 (Submission of JCL) and Assignment No. 2 (Proposal for FIN619 Final Project) has been declared and Assignment No. 3 (Submission of Revised Proposal for Project) has been opened which is available under the Assignment link in the course on VU-LMS.

Evaluated JCLs have been categorized under two heads: Rejected and Accepted. The students whose JCL Rejected or who could not submit their JCL and they have valid proposals are required to re-submit their JCL through email as per the date provided by the concerned supervisor (otherwise they will be declared “Fail” in this semester).

Rejected JCL:

Please Note: Without having a valid JCL you are not allowed to appear in presentation and viva voce (after acceptance of Final Project).

Accepted JCL:

Please Note: Students are also required to bring their Accepted JCL at the time of presentation (after acceptance of Final Project) otherwise they will mark absent in the viva.

The proposals have also been evaluated and uploaded under the Assignment link on VU-LMS of this course. Evaluated proposals have been categorized in three heads: Rejected, Needs Improvement, and Accepted/Approved. ONLY those students whose proposals are in Needs Improvement or Rejected category are required to prepare and submit Assignment No. 3 (Submission of Revised Proposal for Project). Assignment No. 3 has been opened and is available in the assignment link. The students whose proposals have been Accepted are allowed to start working on their final project as per instructions and guidelines provided in their evaluated proposals.

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