Sir i am pretty much confused in this course, how you will evaluate us. Either we have to choose a topic and submit a proposal? or it is just an introduction of the course. how the exam would be conducted? as it all relates to the research so i am much confused either in exam different kind of terminologies are asked or its from the book you have suggested?

You don’t have to submit the research proposal in this course but you have to attempt multiple MBA assignments. The assessment in the course will be done on the basis of material covered in the video lectures, and research articles.

Dear sir assalamoalikum: Please tell me that still  “Research articles” would be provided by you or these are already included in recommended book of Saunders ?

For clarity and self development, you can search and read the articles by yourself. Use Google Scholar for searching the articles. Though, I will also provide articles against which students will be assessed.

Feel free to ask in case you need more information.

Dear sir: Please tell me that i should read multiple articles for the current assignment or read any one article which i find easy for my self to solve the assignment ?

Minimum 3 relationships are required. If you think these relationships can be extracted from a single article or multiple articles. All depend upon the nature of article and on your reading.

Dear sir I want to ask about HEC Digital Library, actually I fond it at my LMS but I cant operate it, I don’t fine the box to discuss or find my topic. actually I want to know about my assignment which is contain on articles. please help me regarding articles and APA style. Thanks

Research journal articles can be searched and accessed with the help of Google Scholar by visiting   You can also access the journals from HEC Digital Library and following are the steps to access the journals of HEC Digital Library:

1) Sign in your VULMS account.

2) Click “Student Services” on top of the page.

3) Click “HEC Digital Library” under “Academics” heading.

4) On next page, click on “Begin Browsing”.

5) Here you will find the list of journals. Select an appropriate journal and search in it.

You can learn the referencing in APA style from the demo provided in the assignment file. For your convenience, I am again giving the link here. Further, there will be online interactive session today from 3 PM to 4 PM. You may join it. Please see the announcement if you want to join the online interactive session.

Dear sir assalamoalikum: My selected topic in assignment is ” Organizational Trust”. Can i discuss organizational trust on employees and employees trust on organization simultaneously in assignment ?

Sure, but then you have to build two separate diagrams.

Sir my question is the context  of sponsored researches in 2nd last slide of research proposal is not clear to me plz explain this in detail?

Any research which is funded by some organization/individual.