Welcome to Our CS101-Introduction to Computing Assignment 2 Spring 2012

Objective:  To develop your own JavaScript functions and using them in form


Question 1 CS101 Assignment 2 Spring 2012

Make a form in HTML document containing only one field named as Email and one Submit Button. Write your own JavaScript function to validate the email address.

The Validation should be as follows:

CS101-Introduction to Computing Assignment 2 Solution 2012

1. It must accept only your VU Student email address i.e; it must not accept any other student’s VU email address.
2. It must show alert on acceptance or denial of the email address after validation.
3. The name of the function should contain your student ID like CheckEmail_BC102034568.
4. If you enter your wrong student email id then it must show alert as well.
5. It must accept your student ID only at vu.edu.pk, means if you enter BC102034568@hotmail.com then it must not accept it.
6. There must be unique alerts for each error; like if the length of the student ID is larger or smaller than the original ID then the alert should be according to that.
7. During each alert, the entered email address must also be shown in the alert box like: “BC102034560000008@vu.edu.pk is not your Valid Email address.


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