COMSATS IIT-Virtual Campus MS Research Proposal Format

MS Research Proposal  Format of COMSATS IIT-Virtual Campus and guidelines include Title: 14pt, Times new roman, bold. Main body: 12pt Times New Roman, 1.5 line spacing, justified on both sides.Heading 1:12pt, bold, ALL CAPS.Heading 2: 12pt, sentence case, bold.Heading 3: 12 pt, italic.

MS Research Proposal COMSATS IIT-Virtual Campus

MS Research Proposal  Format Guidelines

  1. Front Matter

  • Proposed title of the study
  • Table of contents

    2. Introduction

  • Background of the study
  • Research question (s)
  • Research objective (s)
  • Significance of the Study (both empirical and theoretical contributions)
  • Proposed thesis structure

    3. Literature review

  • Concepts & definitions
  • Critical analysis of the literature
  • Gap(s) pertaining to the topic under study
  • Research Framework (with full justification and theoretical foundation)
  • Proposed research model
  • Hypotheses (optional)

   4. Proposed Research Methodology

  • Research design (e.g. survey, case study, experiment etc.)
  • Sample design
  • Sample selection (with full justifications)
  • Population frame
  • Instrument development/selection
  • Variables and their measures
  • Treatment of scales
  • Data collection procedures (self completion questionnaires, unit of
  • analysis etc.) Data analysis techniques (Statistical Design with full justification)
  • Data Screening (missing values, outliers, and normality)
  • Reliability and validity
  • Hypothesis testing (e.g. regression and correlation)

5.   Schedule of Your Dissertation

  • These completion time (e.g. GANTT chart)
  • Reference list** (Harvard for in-test citations, tables, figures, and

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