Comparison of Brand loyalty of Pepsi Cola vs Coca Cola

MKT619 Comparison of Brand loyalty of Pepsi Cola vs Coca Cola


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This study is going to conduct over the topic Brand Loyalty of Pepsi cola and Cola in Pakistan. The main objective of this study is to find out the various factors that make them both companies more strengthen and strong. Mostly we have seen that when customers go into the shop and demand Pepsi cola but due to unavailability of this brand, shopkeeper offers that he or she could consume Coca cola. But he or she refuses to buy this and still demand the brand Pepsi, this is brand loyalty, this study is also going to conduct about this reason why customers buy particular brands what are reasons behind this.

Both companies are the market leaders, and promise to deliver quality of soft drink to their customers. In the next pages we will show you how both companies are doing effective strategy to make their products more durable, and consumable. How company make its brand stronger in the mind of the customers. Various analysis will be done in the next coming pages importantly comparison analysis of brand loyalty towards both company brands.

Data was collected through questionnaires by holding survey and it will be further processed on excel sheet for analysis and interpretation. Data has been collected from the target market Lahore, from the 100 respondents.  In the last we will also mentioned some recommendation and suggestion for the improvement of both companies. Hence whole study will be conduct on the Comparison of brand loyalty between Pepsi cola and Coca Cola.


Introduction of the Project


We have seen that Pepsi Cola and Coca cola are two Leader brands that are fighting in the market. Both are the competitors each other. We have also seen that most of the people prefer to purchase Pepsi brand, but on other side Coca cola has also very loyal customers who prefer to drink Coca cola Brand. So people think both are the market leader. Now question raise who is the market leader which of them what is the ground reality, every person want to know who is leader from them. Hence this project is also going to find out brand loyalty towards both brands.

For the sake of getting result, what are various factors that help the customers to buy specific products? The study is going to conduct purely to analysis comparison brand loyalty between Pepsi and Coca cola. After this study, reader will be enabling to understand why he or she prefers to buy particular brand and what reason is behind. In the market both brand are very useful People prefer to drink only two brands soft drink e.g Pepsi cola and Coca cola. Hence the reason for conducting this study to analysis brand loyalty towards both companies brand.

The Background of the Study


The project back ground is to analyze both companies customers brand loyally towards Pepsi cola and Coca Cola. These two companies are competitors have good image in the consumer mind………..(Paid Project)


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