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Finance Projects Reports, MBA students can download ratio analysis,profitability ratio analysis,cash flow analysis and activity ratio analysis and working capital management related projects.

Welcome to all student enrolled for Spring 2014 semesters


[quote]Welcome to all MGT619,HRM619,MKT619,FIN619 Project/Dissertation student enrolled for Spring 2014 semesters[/quote] Qundeel.com is honored to welcome all students enrolled in FIN619, HRM619, MGT619, and MKT619 in their respective new semesters. We provide assistance to hard working students in completing their final projects/dissertations in all the courses mentioned above. However students are encouraged and advised to contact us at the beginning of their semester as providing assistance in completion of your final project/dissertation is a lengthy and time consuming process.  Students are also advised to work hard and give their final projects time and if in any case a problem arises in [...]

Welcome to all student enrolled for Spring 2014 semesters2014-04-09T19:59:07+05:00

Activity Ratios Analysis of Kohat Lucky and Attock Cement 2014


FIN619 final project finance of Virtual university has been prepared to complete MBA degree requirement and activity ratios analysis have be done on Kohat cement.Lucky cement and Attock cement for the year 2011,2012 and 2013. FIN619 FINAL PROJECT ACTIVITY RATIS ANALYSIS OF KOHAT CEMENT, LUCKY CEMENT, ATTOCK CEMENT FOR THE YEAR 2012,2013 and 2014 Executive Summary The analysis has been conducted on activity ratios analysis of Kohat, Attock and Lucky cement for the year 2011, 2012, and 2013. Activity ratio are very concern to measures how firms efficiently converts its assets into sales. Activity ratio analysis always helps company shareholders to [...]

Activity Ratios Analysis of Kohat Lucky and Attock Cement 20142015-01-27T14:02:03+05:00

Profitability Ratio Analysis of Lucky Cement,Kohat Cement,PIONEER Cement 2011,2012,2013


FIN619 Final Project on Profitability Ratio Analysis of Lucky Cement,Kohat Cement,PIONEER Cement 2011,2012,2013 I would like to dedicate my project to my family i.e., my parents, wife and children. My family, in particular my wife has given me tremendous support and encouragements to complete my MBA degree. It was not easy being abroad and while working in a dynamic multinational organization but my wife has made it possible with her extended efforts in taking care of children studies and related matters. She took over all the responsibilities including my part, towards children and kept me spared, only for study during this whole [...]

Profitability Ratio Analysis of Lucky Cement,Kohat Cement,PIONEER Cement 2011,2012,20132014-02-17T19:46:22+05:00

MBA Project Feasibility Report on following Topics Available


MBA Finance Project Reports Finance Project Report on Venture Capital Financing in Pakistan Finance Project Report on Financial Management in Public Sector Finance Project Report on Mutual Funds, Structure of Mutual Funds of State Bank Finance Project Report on Anamoly Effect on Stock Market, NSE and BSE Finance Project Report on Assets and Liability Management of Banks Finance Project Report on Commodity Board Effects on Export Project Report on FII Investment Role on Stock Market in Pakistan Project Report on Liquidity and Profitability Analysis of Oil and Gas Industry Finance Project Report Share Market / Stock Market Trading / Capital Market [...]

MBA Project Feasibility Report on following Topics Available2013-12-09T11:55:57+05:00

FIN619 Final Project Assignment # 2 Revised proposal 2013


This is inform, FIN619 Final Project Assignment # 2 revised proposal for semester fall 2013 has been uploaded. The result of Assignment No.1 (Proposal for project) has been declared. The FIN619 proposals have been evaluated and uploaded on VULMS under the course. Evaluated proposals have been categorized under three heads: Rejected, Needs Improvement and Accepted/Approved. ONLY those students whose proposals are Rejected or Needs Improvement are required to prepare and submit Assignment No.2 (Revised Submission of Proposal for Project). Assignment No.2 has been uploaded and available in the assignments link. The students whose FIN619 proposals have been Accepted are allowed to [...]

FIN619 Final Project Assignment # 2 Revised proposal 20132013-12-25T17:29:46+05:00

FIN619 Ratio Analysis Research Proposal Fall 2013


Ratio Analysis Research Proposal Semester Fall 2013 Ratio analysis is a technique by which companies evaluate their financial position and performance in the market along with its competitors. These ratios tell us whether a company will be able to pay its debts both long and short term. Ratio analysis helps in measuring profitability, long and short term solvency and total financial condition of a company and research methodology of ratio analysis for fin619. Please see the below link for fin619 project topics. Finance project topics in banks Balance sheet and profit and loss accounts are required to conduct ratio analysis. It can also [...]

FIN619 Ratio Analysis Research Proposal Fall 20132013-11-17T09:21:03+05:00

FIN619 Final Project Assignment # 1 Semester Fall 2013


FIN619-Final Project-Finance Assignmant No.1 (Submission of Proposal for Project) Dear students FIN619 Final Project Assignment #1 submission of Final project proposal for fall 2013 has been announced.  FIN619 final project Assignment No.1 (Proposal for Project) has been given on VULMS. The format of proposal is available on VULMS under the tab of “DOWNLOADS” & “Lesson no.6”. It is hereby advised to explore the following links to get the usable helping material as well as formats: You must submit your proposal by uploading it against Assignment No.1 on VULMS before or on due date which is 22nd November, 2013 (you can check this from course semester calendar as [...]

FIN619 Final Project Assignment # 1 Semester Fall 20132013-11-13T12:42:06+05:00

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