Bakery & Confectionery business is growing in both urban and semi-urban areas. This pre-feasibility study encompasses the bakery business located in commercial neighborhood surrounding and middle income residential localities. Major products include cakes, snacks, sweets, nimko, biscuits, bread and general confectionery items, which will be sold to target customers of vicinity.The sales outlet will be supported by an in house production facility. Selections of adequate product mix and business location, supported by marketing efforts arethe critical success factors.

Business Plan for Bakery

The proposed Bakery & Confectionery shop is a small scale project with a production area and sales out-let. It will be equipped with basic machinery and fixtures. The production area will require covered area of 2,700 sqft and the outlet will be established on 900 sqft. The sales outlet will remain open for business for 16 hours per day around the year.

Product mix will include cakes, snacks, sweets, nimko, biscuits, bread and general confectionery items. This merchandise will be prepared and acquired according to the demand of local customers and in quantities directly proportional to expected sales.

Background knowledge and experience of the entrepreneur in the bakery business.

  1. Induction of trained human resource for production of requisite items.
  2. Maintenance of Quality and hygiene standards.
  3. Pricing strategy & understanding requirements of the target customers.
  4. Decor presentation and layout of the shop and products.
  5. Location considerations for easy access of the customers

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