BNK619 Final Project Banking Writing Service

The course code for the BNK619 Final Project Banking of Virtual University of Pakistan. We offer a reliable writing service for BNK619 Final Project-banking as per Virtual university format. For master students studying at the Virtual University of Pakistan, they are required to submitt a final project for BNK619 on any topic related to banking field at master’s level. However, it is an essential requirement, however, Master,BS students are free to option for an internship report or a project / thesis. It has been noting that most of the students fail in BNK619 course due to not following the format of proposal and final project and they face difficulty for introduction, problem statement, rational of the study, scope of the study, objectives, research question, Review of related literature, Research methodology section, data analysis and processing. Therefore all the mentioned elements are very necessary to write with the line to the requirement of Virtual University.

BNK619 Final Project Banking and Topic Selection

A list of topics for BNK619 Final Project is provided for guidance only.  Students must select a topic for themselves based on their interest and area of expertise. However, they can select any topic from the given list, but they are NOT allowed to send the same job that another student has already sent. Make sure the copied job is marked as “ZERO”.

  1. Credit Risk Analysis 
  2. Assets and Liability Management by Banks 
  3. Risk Management & Risk Mitigation by Banks 
  4. International Trade by banks 
  5. Micro Financing by Banks 
  6. Comparison of Islamic and Conventional Banking

The following guidelines must be considered before selecting an appropriate topic for your BNK619 final project:

  • The selection of the theme of the project must be made taking into account their interest and ability to perform quality work on the selected topic.
  • Make sure you can easily collect the primary data on the selected topic. This is because once you have the approval to complete the final project (through the proposal), you will not be allowed to change the theme of your project.
  • The research should not consist only of secondary data; There must be a personal effort in collecting primary data. Therefore, a valid search should consist of primary and secondary data, but the main objective should be the collection and analysis of primary data.

BNK619 Final Project and Internship Report

Banking internship reports are also available for BS students or MBA students. Writing the BNK619 Final Project-Banking is a bit difficult for regular and part-time students due to the large amount of time and dedication. Of course, writing a large BNK619 final project/ thesis in a short time is really difficult for everyone, as it takes time. as an adequate investigation. Therefore, to solve this common problem of our students, we offer complete assistance to all students of the Virtual University of Pakistan to write BNK619 Final Project Banking, MBA projects or complete research proposals.

BNK619 Final Project Writing Service

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