BFA thesis Synopsis topics of AJK University Muzaffarabad

Welocome to AJK University Muzaffarabad BFA thesis Topics

  1. A Detail study of Arts and Crafts of Kashmir.
  2. Lines in Nature a thesis by AJK University student
  3. A Sudy of Kashmiri Motifs.
  4. A study of traditional kashmiri jewelry.
  5. Study of Kashmiri Shawl and Embroidery (Muzaffarabad).
  6. BFA Thesis on Embroidered Floor Coverings in Kashmir.
  7. BFA thesis on Wood-Work and Wood-Carving in Kashmir
  8. A Study of Papier -Mache in Kashmir (BFA).
  9. Study of the metal-ware of silver and copper.
  10. The Art of Wood Carving of Traditional Houses of Muzaffarabad:Focus on Ornamentation
  11. BFA thesis on walnut wood carving of Kashmir.
  12. Studies in the History and Art of Kashmir and the Pakistan Himalaya
  13. Impact of turmoil on the handicraft sector of Jammu and Kashmir
  14. The Effect of Tourism on culture and Environment in Kashmir.

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