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In fact Research proposals in education and the social science are often organized the following activities. An important part of many research projects and a key element for anyone wishing to secure funding for research is that of writing a research proposal or plan of the intended research programme.  Even if it is not a format requirement, it is still a useful exercise to undertake during the easily stages of your research. You should try to produce your own research proposal as soon as you have determined your research questions.  This proposal can be very effective in clarifying in your own mind the overall aim of the project, and how you intend to achieve that ai and to identify potential problems with the study.  Requirements for a research proposal will depend upon its purpose.  However, there is certain information related to the research process that will generally be required.

  1. Selecting a focus
  2. Identifying critical questions
  3. Stating rationale
  4. Conducting literature review
  5. Locating a theoretical framework
  6. Preparing a data collection plan
  7. Planning for data analysis strategy
  8. Anticipating the report outline
  9. Dealing with validity and reliability concerns
  10. Acknowledging the limitation of the research

These above steps are not sequential in the real world of research. For example, critical question may be refined following initial research finding and data collection plans are often modified based on problems anticipated with data analysis.  However, being clear about the different tasks in research design facilitation the planning preparation of a research proposal .

Weaknesses in Research Proposal

In many cases, your research proposal will be assessed, by either your institution or funding body.  If it is not, then you need to assess it yourself which can be a difficult task. One way to do this is to compare your proposal against a set of criteria or headings.  Leedy (1985) has listed the weaknesses commonly found in research proposal and by comparing your proposal with his list, you may be able to identify weakness in your own proposal.

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