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B.ED Thesis on extracurricular activities on students academic performance

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AIOU B.ED Thesis on extracurricular activities on students academic performance

The extracurricular activities are those outside the mastering the ordinary educational modules of the university o
University education, carried out by students (Dacombe, 2014). OR The term “extracurricular activities” refers to
Activities that take place outside the usual program School curriculum (mandatory). These activities are It is done voluntarily and students do not receive extra Qualifications in response to participation in these activities.(Holloway, 2010).

There are many types of extracurricular activities, for example, sport, club, administration, music, art and dramatization. The extracurricular activities are absolutely volunteers, that is, students who are not willing to participate the right to cut. Extracurricular activities are part of the ordinary life of each student and show a key
role in student life. Juma (2015), stated that extracurricular activities carry out similar ambition and role like the other optional course in educational modules. These the activities give a lot of understanding and skill to the Students who are not part of the course of study. damage An opportunity for students to implement theirs.
Understanding and experience to adopt independent. behavior. Similarly, extracurricular activities have a
variety of positive consequences in their learning e behavior to achieve its optimal goals and ambitions.

The current study will be helpful for the educational institutes to identify the positive impact of extracurricular activities on students. Similarly, the current study results will be useful for the admini private and public universities to involve students in extracurricular activities within the academic environment. Moreover, the findings of this study will be helpful for the ministry of education to know about the important extracurricular activities and helping the students to participate in extracurricular activities to improve the quality of education and create a sense of confidence and self-esteem in students.

Study analysis:  Mean Analysis, Frequency distribution, Regression Analysis



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