How To Avoid Fraud

It has come to the notice of’s team that several blogs are claiming to be a part of our team, they claim to offer plagiarism free service to students charging a low fee in return, it is to warn all our valued customers that they should not believe anything written on any blog or website claiming to be our team members or offering students similar writing service all these blogs/websites are fake their sole purpose is to lure students but sadly many students have been subjected to fraud and as a result have failed their VU Final Project thesis. Not only did these students lose their time and money but they have been subjected to embarrassment upon failing their course.

VU Final Project and Fraud

It is requested that students should be aware of such fraudulent blogs and websites claiming to offer original plagiarism free VU Final projects. and VU are the ONLY original writing services in Pakistan. is the pioneer of professional writing service in Pakistan, we have been offering our services successfully since the last 5 years, our clientele includes students within and outside Pakistan but due to the privacy policy of both and we cannot disclose the identities of our previous successful students both within the country and abroad.

Students are hereby requested to make wise decision and not to believe in false claims made by other blog owners,for original professional writing service visit or save your time, money and credibility by availing our writing services.


Mian Aamir