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Welcom to Commonwealth MBA / MPA Project Manual (AIOU)

Our writers aim at instilling knowledge within students and build a great confidence to successfully submit their AIOU COL MBA-MPA Dissertation and project. We assist you in selecting your AIOU COL MBA project. The topic will be based upon your area of interest and available resources. We strive to do a complete synopsis, a literature review, complete your questionnaire with 100% acceptance guaranteed, we also assure you if in case your project fails or you are dissatisfied with our service you can have all your money back without questions asked. 

AIOU COL MBA Project writing service

The synopsis is the first and foremost thing to establish before presenting a case. We help students to decorate the best synopsis.

100 % AIOU COL MBA Project Pass Guarantee

We guarantee a successful COL MBA project or dissertation. Our writers will complete all stages in involved in your project which includes data collection, statistical analysis, and final presentation all the mentioned stages and project report will be according to AIOU’s format and requirements. We strive to make you project standout from the rest, by reviewing the content repeatedly and making improvements where we see fit.

New Polices for AIOU COL MBA Projects

COL MBA AIOU Final Project Synopsis

AIOU Col MBA/MPA Project manual synopsis format

AIOU COL MBA/MPA Projects manual topics

AIOU COL MBA Project Synopsis topics TQM (Total Quality Management)

AIOU COL MBA Final Year HR Project Report Topic

AIOU COL MBA Projects manual Sample 

 We help regular and on the job students who cannot give their time in writing their project and data collection, we are here to do that for you with affordable flexible pricing. VU gives you a 100% money back guarantee if your project gets an F grade or you are dissatisfied with our service. So what are you waiting for Order your project NOW. will:

  1. Select your synopsis topic.
  2. Prepare your synopsis.
  3. Do a literature review.
  4. Create questionnaires.
  5. Data collection for your Project.
  6. Final project report and findings presentation (Through SPSS software)
  7. Prepare presentations.

Procedure for getting Thesis from us

  1. Deposit the Ist Installments and get money back guarantee certificate
  2. Get synopsis with questionnaires within short time
  3. Deposit remaining balance after approval of synopsis.

AIOU COL MBA Project Manual Writing Service (100 % Pass Guarantee)

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  1. Hello Sir I have passed my all Subjects in Col MBA/MPA program but still my proposal is not accepted please can you guide me in make my proposal and project. thanks

  2. Hello Sir I have passed my all Subjects in Col MBA/MPA program but still my proposal is not accepted please can you guide me in make my proposal and project. thanks

  3. Dear Sir,
    My name is Umair Farooq and I am student of COL MBA . I have completed my all exams but final project is remaining.I need help to complete this project because i did my job and no enough time to complete this project.I choose some following topic from your website:

    Study of training needs across different industries
    Study on creation of luxury brand
    Changing trends in FMCG industry in Pakistan
    Study of operations & marketing of chemical goods in SSI
    Marketing in FMCG sector
    Waiting for your reply.


    Umair Farooq

  4. Dear Sir,
    I am pleased to address your good self first time. This mail is relating with subject matter. In this regard, i would like to convey your good self that i have completed my MBA EXECUTIVE (COL) from AIOU in 2008. I could not submit my Project therefore my MBA is incomplete. Now i want to submit my project and i need your help for synopsis and project submission so that i could be able to get my degree. It has been passed about 5 year for exams, can it be possible to submit project , if yes please give me instruction for further process so that i can start.

  5. Dear AAMIR SB,
    I am a student of MBA(COL). I complete my all semester but my final report is still remaining.Some days before i contact to you by phone call in the conversation you said you will charged forty thousand for final project.Sir it is big amount for me Kindly offered me some discount.I shall be very thankful to you for this action

    • @ Muhammad Usman
      We developed high quality thesis as per AIOU requirements. The minimum words for thesis is 18000 that,s why we are charging mentioned price. However a discount is available if you order 4,5 thesis. Thanks

  6. Hello sir i have completed my course work of Col MBA from AIOU Islamabad now i have to submit synopsis and finnal project on HR Management or Project Management. I need help for project.

  7. Dear Aamir sb,
    My name is Tahir and i clear my COL MBA AIOU forth semester and now i required support for Col MBA project so if you have professional writing services for col project then please reply me regarding subject

  8. Dear Aamir sb, Asslam o Alaikum

    Hope you must be fine sir,

    I was looking for my project topic and mean while i found your link, i see that you are providing a great services regarding the thesis prepartaion, sir i have strated my 3rd semester of COL MBA and now it is required to prepare synopsis, from the last 20-25 days i could not even decide that which topic i should choose… i am really confused on this matter… now after viewing your site i decide to acquire your help… Aamir sb i live in Lahore and please guide me that how can i meet with you… what will be the package if i get complete project.


  9. Dear Mian Sehab
    My Friend has advised me to avail your service for writing aiou col mba project synopsis and project. Please tell me the charges and procedure for deposit.

  10. Dear Mr. Amir,
    Sir, as per our Telephonic conversation i was calling you from last few hour but your contact No. is switched off. Kindly reply me as soon as you get this mail

  11. Sir I have been trying to contact you since morning but your number is not responding. university has allowed till 22 Feb.
    kindly contact.

  12. Dear Aamir
    Can you please guide me how you people can help us for completion of our projects and what will be the charges?

  13. Dear Sir
    Thanks so much for your assistance. My project and synopsis have been approved by University. Kindly guide me about Presentation.

  14. Dear Mian Sehab
    I have just passed my COL MBA Project this year. My students told me that you can help in COL MBA Projects. Kindly tell me how it will be done.

  15. Dear Sir,
    I hv passed MBA HRM and currently working as AM HR, at Sitara Peroxide Limited.
    Coz me hv no time to complete my internship report and wana your services.Can you help me in my COL MBA?

  16. Dear Amir bhai,

    Ahsan here, i have been talked with you about thesis topic .please send me ur cell no.which i have lost.i wana talk about thesis.

  17. Assalam o Aalikum
    My name is Mujtaba Hussain student of MBA majors IN HR, actually i have searched a lot still haven’t got any good topic for my thesis. during the surfing the thesis topic i saw your advertisement on website. so that could you Help me regarding my Hr thesis .

  18. Hello sir i have completed my course work of Col MBA from AIOU Islamabad now i have to submit synopsis and finnal project on HR Management or Project Management. I need help for project. I am available on

  19. Dear Sir,
    I am student of COL MBA . I have passed all my subjects of COL MBA but I need to do my final project. Kindly help me in this matter and Email me as soon as possible.
    Waiting for your reply.


    Khoula Shaherayr

  20. Urgent Assistance Required
    Mohammed Abdullah Khurram
    I would like to inform you that i have passed 19 course code out of 20 of MBA MKT in 2007.
    In this regard, i want to know about the exact procedure for submitting the project & so on.
    I shall be very grateful to you for your kind & prompt act in this regard

    With Best Regard

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