Latest B.Ed Thesis Synopsis topic Course 8613

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Impact of peer monitoring on students motivations and academic performance
2-impact of reward system at school level on students motivation and academic performance
3-impact of schools infrastructure and environment on students motivations
4-impact of extra curriculum activities on students academic performance
5-impact of class room managements strategies on students motivations and performance
6-impact of extrinsic & intrinsic motivational trainings on students performance
7-problem in teaching faced by newly appointed male/female teachers
8-impact of class room instructional practice on students performance.
9-impact of family involvement on academic achievement of students
10Factors affecting the performance of students, a teacher perspective
11-impact of outdoor learning on student’s achievements
12-Impact of corporal punishments on students academic performance
13- How to improve students learning and communications skill
14-the role of audios and videos lecture on students learning skills
15- Impact of education on students personality developments.
16-Role of female harassment at schools level
17-The effects of contemporary teaching methods
18-The role of technology in lesson planning
19-How to manage bullies and take actions against bullying at education institutions
20-Role of religions perspective on education activities in Pakistani’s culture
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